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Shopping is always better with gin!

I was thinking about Christmas shopping and it made me wonder…. How organised are we, really?People often stereotype the man frantically shopping on Christmas Eve, the woman organised months in advance. The reality is that a lot of us probably sit somewhere in the middle.This year I was very organised and bought many Christmas gifts in the January sales, back in those halcyon, pre-COVID days. But I still had several presents to get.I hadn’t really fancied trawling round shops in the summer when things started to open up a bit and I remained very cautious, which meant that I still had presents to get so I turned to online.It might surprise you to know that, as someone who owns an online business, ironically, I struggle with online shopping when it comes to gift-buying.You see, in a real shop I like to browse, and suddenly I’ll see something and have a…

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Fake Fur, Real Women

In my previous blog I spoke about my love of animals and one of the things that drew me to fauxPlay was the ethical element of the business, as all of our faux fur is entirely man-made and I could never bear the thought of animals being harmed in the making of real fur products.One of the first things that I did when we bought the business was sit down and think about the values that I wanted this business to have. One of the major things for me was that I wanted it to be a brand that reflected and appealed to real women.In society there is still an awful lot of pressure on women and girls to be a certain weight, act a certain way, dress a certain way, and so on.We often struggle to be accepted if we don’t fit into the “perfect woman” mould that society…

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Hi, I’m Lizzy

I’m Lizzy, the proud new managing director of fauxPlay. And welcome to our first blog. I felt it was only right to start my first fauxPlay blog by introducing myself. I know that many of our past customers will be keen to know who the “newbie” is that’s suddenly taken the helm of this much-loved brand, so here goes… Originally from Buckinghamshire, I have now been living in Derbyshire for 13 years which is all the fault of my “ball and chain”; my husband, Gareth. I fell in love with Derbyshire as I fell in love with Gareth and I am proud to now call it my home. Although I do always give a cheer whenever we drive past the official north/south divide, Watford Gap Services, on the M1. I discovered fauxPlay for sale and something immediately drew me to it. While my own “look” can range anywhere from “scruffy…

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