The best worst month of the year

“I hate January,” I declared to my husband as I dragged myself out of bed one dark, dingy morning for another day of work.
“It’s cold, I get up in the dark, and by the time I’ve finished work it’s dark again”.
“I haven’t left the house for three days. I rarely get to walk the dogs, and we’re all broke!
“January is the longest, most depressing month of the year.”
“Nothing good EVER happens in January,” I barked, as I drew back the curtains to see a dreary, misty day staring back at me.
“Well I love January,” was my husband’s slightly bemusing reply.
“It’s the best month of the year,” he continued.
I looked at him aghast and, before I had a chance to throw something heavy at him for mocking my bleak mood, he started to throw questions at me.
“You like daffodils don’t you?”
I had to concede that I did.
“You like frosty mornings don’t you?”
Well, yes I do I love a frosty morning. When you look out the window and you’re greeted with a hoar frost, it’s like the world has turned into a magical winter wonderland.
“And crocuses”
OK, so it is pretty good to see all the spring bulbs shooting through the ground.
“And you like daylight lasting longer?”
Yes, that is a huge bonus. And, even in the space of just a week, I’m starting to see that the days are lasting longer, which is fantastic.
And then he reminded me of the most important thing of all – this January will be the first full year for fauxPlay, and I can see a lot of exciting opportunities lying ahead.
So I think he might be right. For once. I need to very much change my attitude towards January.
I have decided that, far from being a depressing month, January really is the best month of the year.
It’s a time for new starts, a time to evaluate what we really want out of life.
Are there some big or little changes that I would really like to make this year?
I know that one of the most important things for me will be simply looking forward to a time when we can share moments with our families again – in person, I mean, not on Zoom.
I’m looking forward to the return of big family weddings, and helping brides and grooms plan their faux-fur accessories.
And I’m looking forward to what we all hope will be a full, busy and sunny summer bustling with parties, events, race days, cocktail nights, proms, and long afternoons in pub beer gardens.
This is why I fell in love with fauxPlay in the first place. It’s an opportunity to provide people with a finishing touch for the outfits they choose for all the precious moments I’ve enjoyed so much myself over the years.
I still think January is dreary, depressing and lasts far too long, but it is a month I’ll always now see as a time of optimism. A month for new beginnings. And a month which has already been great for fauxPlay, with lots of people taking advantage of our big January sale.
So all is forgiven. I’m a January convert.
That said, I still can’t wait to get it out of the way and to start counting down the days for spring.
I think we’re all looking forward to the promise of a happier season and a return to the freedoms we’ve been missing so much.


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